Sharon Betterton

VTCT Sports Massage Therapist


Sharon is a fully qualified sports massage therapist and has been working full time in her clinic in Bicester since 2017 and is now welcome addition to the therapy team at The Breakspeare Clinic.

Sharon initially trained in holistic and sports massage therapy back in 2005/6 and was providing massage for a local rugby team in London whilst also working in a full-time job as a legal secretary.  She then moved to Sheffield and unfortunately her massage business fell by the wayside for a time.


After living in London and Sheffield, Sharon moved to Bicester with her young family and when her son started school, she was able to find a career that suited her and her son's needs. so she decided to retrain in sports massage therapy as it gives her the flexibility she needs in her life, she haven't looked back since.


Sharon’s background as legal secretarial, helps her in her work now as she knows what it is like to have the stress and tension in your neck and shoulders, as well as, the headaches that come from using a computer for long period of time. She knows full well how hard it is to keep a good posture at a desk all day.  Sharon has experienced herself how good it feels to have a deep massage, to help those aches and pains in your back and neck, reducing the knots in the muscles and easing the tension and headaches.


Sharon has recently worked closely with a local rugby team in Bicester but now typically works with clients who suffer with neck, shoulder pain and tension headaches.


She provides a fully holistic approach to treating all her clients by working closely with them to solve their challenges.


In a previous life, she was a very sporty person, training for and running half marathons, going to the gym and cycling to work every day, so she have an deep understanding of sport and sports injuries and how people just want to get back to their normal activities as soon as possible. Unfortunately, she also knows the other side of the coin as she was involved in an road traffic accident where her left foot was crushed by a lorry, so she has had to deal with not only the physical pain from her injuries, but also the mental and emotional trauma that comes with injuries and pain.


Her hobbies include cycling, swimming, watching her son play football and hockey and all the training sessions that go with it!!



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