Samantha Godkin

RHAD, MSHAA, PDip (Pathology of the Ear and ENT Emergencies)


Samantha has been an Audiologist for over 26 years and has extensive experience in both NHS and Private practice. She has additional training in Tinnitus Therapy having taken the European Tinnitus Course ran by the British Tinnitus Association. She extended her scope of practice with a diploma in Pathology of the Ear and ENT Emergencies.


She has extensive experience with all forms of Audiology Assessments and Hearing aid Dispensing. Is a specialist in complex hearing needs and rehabilitation. She has been a speaker at events on the benefits of hearing aids, tinnitus and deaf awareness events. In 2016 she undertook the endoscopic microsuction course in Ear Wax removal headed by Mr Regali, ENT Surgeon and since then has completed over 5,000 ear wax removal procedures. In late 2018 she stepped down from the professional body’s council, having served 2 terms, to concentrate on her Master’s Degree in Audiology and Hearing Therapy which she will complete in 2021.


Samantha is fully Registered with HCPC. She Collects antique hearing aids, loves Sci-Fi, Theatre, reading and Travelling. She is Scottish but grew up in Hong Kong. She has a deaf cat.


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