Facial Treatments

A holistic approach to facials.


Rejuvenating and hydrating facials to work as a total holistic type treatment for any skin type to totally boost, exfoliate and hydrate and refine skin texture. Skin instantly appears smoother, hydrated and more refined. Each facial contains the following treatments giving the skin a total lift. Remedy Facial can include High Frequency





Skin brushing helps increase blood flow, improve circulation and skin texture. Combined with Honey Cream Cleanser rich in Vitamin A, B and E or Energy Boost Co-enzyme Cleanser this treatment helps to deeply cleanse the skin and eliminate clogged pores.





The skin is made up of the Epidermis and Dermis layer. The Epidermis is made up of several layers. Exfoliate is a way to remove the dry dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. These cells make the skin look dull and totally dehydrated. Using Coffee Bean Frappe formulated with finely milled coffee beans infused with Strawberry Fruit Extract or Oat and Almond Scrub with extract of Cucumber dead skin cells are removed and the skin instantly appears smooth and totally refreshed and more receptive to further treatments.





Vacuum suction is a facial treatment process that is used to improve microcirculation, aid lymphatic drainage and combat fluid retention, leaving the skin bright, fresh and glowing. Due to this process transportation of metabolic waste through the lymph fluids by using the lymphatic system and lymph nodes can be very effective. It will also help to stimulate a sluggish lymphatic circulation.





Galvanic is a process in which direct galvanic electrical current is used to introduce water soluble substances through the surface of the skin, helping to improve the absorption of skin care products and retention of moisture in the skin. Active ingredients of skin care products are allowed to penetrate deeper in the skin. It also increases moisture retention, so great to boost dry skin. For problem skin, it is effective for eliminating clogged pores, helping to reduce oiliness.


Perfect as a maintenance treatment or anti-aging treatment. Galvanic helps in easing skin muscles and tissues, when the muscles are relaxed, they carry more oxygen and blood. With increased oxygen and blood transportation, the pH level of the skin is restored. A lovely massage with Avocado and Argan Oil provides the skin with an infusion of essential nutrients.





The skin is treated to a Hibiscus Active or Dead Sea Mineral Face Mask. Hibiscus is known as the Botox plant helping to relax the skin, and reduce the appearance of fine skin lines. Ylang Ylang Essence makes the mask application a totally relaxing experience. Dead Sea Mineral Face Mask is applied to combination to oily skins to refine pores, regulate the skin and with Lemon Peel which gives the application a totally refreshing and uplifting aroma.





Serum is a fine condensed form of hydration applied to the skin. Enjoy a relaxing face and neck massage with Hibiscus Intense Serum. Rich in alpha-hydroxy acids increase the skin elasticity by inhibiting the production of elastase. Neroli Oil creates a beautiful uplifting delicate orange aroma.





High Frequency treatment creates a rapid oscillation which has a germicidal, anti-bacterial and healing effect on the skin by using a wand over the skin that produces ozone. The skin is left free from bacteria making it an excellent treatment for oily skin types that produce excess oil or suffers with congestion where immediate results can be seen. For dry dull skins the oscillating ozone effect on the skin means the skin is stimulated, skin repair and skin reconstruction is increased because of the holistic electric current generating oscillation. High Frequency has been credited with clearing acne, erasing fine lines and wrinkles, tightening the eye and facial muscles and if used on the scalp helps stimulate hair growth.




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