Deep Tissue Massage



Deep Tissue massage is a technique that works on the deeper layers of muscle tissue.  Deep tissue massage uses slower and firmer strokes and pressures than other massage treatments – the therapist applies strong pressure that concentrates on particular areas, and follows or goes across the fibres of muscles and tendons.





Deep tissue massage is particularly effective for people with muscular pain as it helps to restore and relax muscles, breaks up tissue tension (knots) increasing the blood flow and therefore increases the oxygen and nutrient supply to the muscle tissue.  This increase blood flow also helps to remove waste products and toxins in muscles tissues, which promotes healthy tissues and can help repair fibres after strenuous activity.





The masseur with carry out a thorough assessment during your initial consultation taking your medical history and determine why you have sought treatment. This session, including treatment and will last one and a half hours, follow up treatments will be for 1 hour normally.

It is important to drink plenty of water after a deep tissue massage to help carry the toxins from your muscle tissues where they can be broken down and removed from the body.


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