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Hello, I’m Barbara Ann Rogers and I’m delighted to be working at the Breakspeare Clinic, providing complementary therapy services to help women on their personal journey into and through midlife -  to know and believe they can live life to the full in the way that they want to, healthily, confidently, energetically and beautifully.


I help women by way of personal programmes and packages of treatments, individual sessions and workshops. My services include:


• Aromatherapy

• Nutrition

• Energy Therapy [Emotional Freedom Technique]

• Facial Therapy and Facial Yoga


More information about my services and about me, my own journey and how I have come to now help women in midlife can be found on my website here:


Contact Barbara Ann:


M: 07788 743 738






I discovered aromatherapy, plant oils and a natural approach to self-care in my 20's.


I was fascinated by 'all things natural’ and often frequented a small specialist health food shop in my town, seeking out natural remedies to help my son’s eczema and asthma and my mother’s rheumatoid arthritis.


The offerings then are nowhere near what they are today yet I was grabbed by the possibilities of natural health and healing alongside my desire to help others with their challenges in life.


Back then I studied and trained in counselling and although I took a path into a corporate career, life-long learning and personal development has been a constant in my life.


Fundamentally, I have come to believe that we are all capable of bringing about change and to achieve the best for ourselves…. whatever we choose that to be. For me, that realisation came around 10 years ago.


I was a single parent working long hours in the throes of my corporate career. My ‘norm’ was spinning the many plates that carry the demands of work, home and family life and my own needs and wellbeing were not my top priority until they became one, when coping became a challenge and I was on the verge of burn out.


My world was poor sleep, difficulty concentrating, feeling stressed, emotional and exhausted. With aches and pains and hot flushes I discovered through chatting with other women that I was probably also going through the ‘normal’ midlife changes of the menopause, although I felt far from normal!


Feeling like I couldn't function was not a good place for me and so my aim became getting myself back on track and feeling well.


I created goals and introduced new habits. I changed my diet which helped give me back better sleep, energy and focus. Time for me and self-nurturing helped me enormously. I formed a positive mindset towards my wellbeing and my investment in 'me'.


It worked...and I moved forward from much that was getting in my way and keeping me stuck. I began to embrace self-care and self-compassion, and transformed my wellbeing.


After further research and training, I changed career and became a Complementary Health Practitioner helping women to transform their wellbeing and to live confidently, energetically and beautifully in midlife.




To strive for excellence in my understanding and help for women with each at the heart of my practice, and to deliver the best possible service to my clients.




To be valued as a trusted and honest practitioner.


To value everyone as a unique, capable and beautiful human being, each with their own perspective on life.


To be compassionate towards others who are in difficulty, ensuring their best interests are at heart.



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