Relaxation for Health
Mark began meditating 28 years ago and has been teaching classes for over 20 years. He has also been practising Chi Kung (Chinese Yoga similar to T’ai Chi) for 20 years and teaching groups and individuals for 14 years.

In the ‘Relaxation for Health’ sessions Mark will explain how to use some of the physical and mental exercises from these ancient traditions to develop deep-relaxation skills. He also uses some western methods including blood-pressure and pulse-rate bio-feedback, to provide a complete package of stress management techniques.

Without adequate relaxation, our stressful, modern lifestyles can lead to the onset of many chronic diseases, cardiovascular problems, infertility, exhaustion and mental/emotional imbalances such as depression, anxiety and anger.

The benefits of relaxation training are too numerous to mention here.

A few simple lessons with Mark are enough to leave you with a variety of self-healing tools which will be extremely helpful in maintaining health, joy, vitality and youthfulness.