What does a consultation consist of and what will I get out of it?
Grace's approach focuses on understanding your needs, day-to-day routine, commitments, likes and dislikes and then seeing what realistic changes can be made according to this information. The first session (approx 1 hour) will involve getting to know you, taking a case history, some anthropometric measurements and you will leave with evidence based advice on how to get started on the changes you want to make. The follow up consultations (30 mins - 45 mins) will monitor how you are getting on, take repeat measurements and continue to provide further advice on changes suitable to you. The time between the initial meeting and follow up will be decided on visit.

Why should I go to a nutritionist?
With increasingly busy lifestyles, a nutritionist takes the hard work out of deciding what to eat and provides you with knowledge on how to sustain a healthier you through diet and lifestyle modification! A Nutritionist such as Grace can try to help those who are looking to change their diet but don't know where to start and help people change their habits and become healthier, step-by-step. After all, Hippocrates did say 'Let food be thy medicine'.