Physiotherapy - Paul Wray


I was in pain 4 months and after three sesssions all fine now.  Thank you very much Paul. God's hands.


Amazing staff.  Kind and helpful reception lady.  Thank you very much -all.






Reflexologist- Margaret Jablonski


I first met Margaret and was introduced to the benefits of Reflexology over 18 years ago. I hope my testimony will inspire and encourage those of you who think you may benefit from this kind of alternative therapy.

I lost my dear dad and being young did not realise how intense the grieving process was. Feeling confused, in turmoil and looking for anything that would make me feel better, I came across one of Margaret's advertisements. Margaret was in Worcester Park and offering a short trial to the benefits of reflexology. I was welcomed by this lady who was full of life, sensitive and above all wanted to help me. During the first treatment I began to feel better and as the tears flowed down my cheeks so did the release of so much stress. Margaret encouraged me to come back...and I did.

It took several more treatments to start to feel normal and strong again, and for the tears to stop in each treatment. Margaret just cared so much and her belief in the power of reflexology to restore and mend a persons body, mind and well being meant that my recovery was certain.

There was an even bigger healing to come. I was a severe asthmatic and the winters saw my diet turn into antibiotics, inhalers and steroids. I had the worst sick record in a very large department. My chest infections started in October and I coughed and wheezed my way through to Spring. Margaret indentified this very early on in my treatments and started to use reflexology to reduce the symptoms. I had such a long held belief that it took its time to reduce the symptoms but gradually my skin improved and my breathing improved. Time and reflexology worked hand in hand to make me strong.

I now have the best sick record and my asthma rarely bothers me. I still take a few inhalers but I no longer carry them around with me as if my life depends on them. I see Margaret every month and solely attribute the improvements to my health to my sessions.

As with any therapy you need to trust your therapist and they in turn must genuinly care and believe that they can help. With Margaret you get both. Please ask Margaret to help you, I assure you that there will not be one moment of regret.

Lisa Coulthard

Reflexologist - Margaret Jablonski   

Margaret was recommended to me by a friend and, in early 2005, my husband and I started having regular Reflexology with her. At the time we were undergoing our second cycle of IVF, having been told by various consultants that our chances of conceiving naturally were virtually impossible. We had been undergoing fertility tests for the previous 5 years and had not considered alternative therapies as our 'issues' had been quite clearly diagnosed, or so we thought. We both found reflexology very relaxing and therapeutic, and found Margaret very personable and hit it off with her straight away. My husband was attending sessions monthly and I was attending weekly initially and then, as Margaret recommended, to fit with the IVF treatment. In May 2005, after our third cycle of IVF has failed, I was having reflexology with Margaret and she commented that there was a lot of activity in my ovaries. I put this down to my hormones after 3 cycles of IVF in 9 months. I had also had a negative pregnancy test during the week before. However, a few days later I was delighted to discover that I was indeed pregnant. I had conceived naturally and gave birth to our son in January 2006. He was very quickly followed 20 months later by a sister - also conceived naturally. We are convinced that Margaret and her reflexology techniques helped us to have our beautiful children and would definitely recommend her. She is a delightful person, very caring and supportive. She is also incredibly positive which we feel definitely helped us.

Helen and Jamie M

Physiotherapy-Paul Wray

This is to say a million, billion trillion thanks for your terrific help over these months.  I arrived a heap and left bouncing! So huge appreciation.

Now I will tell people to come to you for help....if I need it in the future of course I'll be back.




Reflexologist- Margaret Jablonski


Two years ago, Margaret was recommended to me by a member of the health club I attend. Everyone at the club spoke highly of her skill as a reflexologist so I decided to try for myself. At the time I was extremely ill with asthma, and an autoimmune lung disease, Churg Strauss Syndrome. I had tried many other alternative treatments some with success, notably acupuncture helped a lot. I went to Margaret with a totally open mind as to whether her treatment would work for me or not. From the very first time she treated me I knew that she had something special, I felt the benefit of her treatment from that first session.

I have been treated by Margaret every fortnight for the last two years and yet I am still amazed that she can tell how my health is without asking me, she can tell which part of my body is not working properly just by her touch on my feet.

I cannot explain how or why reflexology works but I would not continue to pay for my treatment if I were not convinced it works. The most visible effect of the treatment is I always sleep especially well the night of my reflexology treatment, I wake the next day feeling the benefit of Margaret's healing hands. She is very reassuring while she treats you, I find reflexology very relaxing and enjoy my treatment immensely. She is also a wonderful counsellor, listening to any worries.

Physiotherapy- Paul Wray

Thank you for helping me with my recovery, it is much appreciated.

Ps. No doubt I will be back in the future at some point , but so far so good!


Eleanor C

Physiotherapy-Kate Badger

 I first met Kate in January 2015, after being discharged from the NHS following a riding accident which resulted in a broken neck (C1 fracture) in Oct 14. 

Before meeting with Kate it was stated my injury would result in a ‘stable union at best’ & I was never to ride, ski or run again.  Kate reviewed all the hospital notes & commenced subtle physio, whilst organising to been seen by a specialist spinal consultant. 

Following his assessment, Kate undertook in-depth physio at first on a weekly basis, extending it to every 2-3 weeks more recently.  Kate also arranged for me to be assessed by Don Gatherer (Specialist in sports Physiotherapy) who gave me physical goals to achieve before I could ride again.

With Kate’s constant physio, support & network of specialists to call upon, she has enabled me to push my limits safely.  I am now riding again – dressage at present, swimming, skiing and running.   Without Kate my life would not have been as normal and enjoyable as it now is.  A true gem!


Annitta E