Christopher Willis  BSc (Hons) Ost
Registered Osteopath

Christopher is a specialist musculoskeletal Osteopath with 7 years experience as a manual therapist. He treats a wide variety of general and sports related injuries and issues. He has a great passion for insidious onset pain and chronic nondescript conditions.
Christopher is registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsc) and is fully insured by Balens insurance.

He has worked with a variety of patients from high-end sports people to desk based office workers using his firm grounding in anatomy, physiology, pathology and biomechanics making him a well rounded structural practitioner. He started his manual therapy experience whilst serving in the armed forces to which he attributes his fastidious approach to treatment. He treats conditions from chronic to acute onset injuries with a high degree of success and patient satisfaction.

He believes in a patient centred approach, allowing the patient to remain in control of their health care by informing them all the way through their treatment. This gives the patient the knowledge and understanding needed to make the best decision for their care.

He has completed a number of CPD courses since qualifying (Medical Acupuncture, sports taping and sports injury treatment and prevention). Christopher frequently researches modern evidence based practices to maintain his high level of understanding and practice in order to provide his patients with the most up to date and best care.

Christopher is currently working as a Medical Acupuncture lecturer at OMT training, one of the Uk's largest continued professional development training schools.

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