Mark Maxwell  
Shiatsu Masseur, Homeopath & Relaxation Trainer

Since childhood Mark Maxwell has been a spiritually orientated person. At the age of 16 he was taught to meditate by a Franciscan minister. At 18 he read a book on Chakras, whilst studying Theology and Philosophy at university. This prompted a thorough, life-long exploration into alternative approaches to spirituality and healing.

At 24 he travelled to Asia and particularly connected with the tradition of Tibetan Buddhism in India and Nepal. He also learnt Chi Kung (Chinese Yoga) in Malaysia. On returning his friends began asking him to teach what he had learnt that had made him so much more confident and relaxed.

After 9 years in London studying Shiatsu, Nutrition, Counselling, Stress Management and Homoeopathy he moved to Brighton, worked in alternative therapy and set up a school of Meditation and Chi Kung.

Mark began meditating 28 years ago and has been teaching classes for over 20 years. He has also been practicing Chi Kung (Chinese Yoga similar to T'ai Chi) for 20 years and teaching groups and individuals for 14 years.

In 2004 Mark decided to go to India to write a practical book for his students. Combining his writing with teaching and personal practice he finished the book and stayed in India for 7 years. He is currently living and working near Burford in the Cotswolds.

Diplomas: European School of Shiatsu, ESS 1997 London College of Classical Homoeopathy, LCCH 2002
Pelin Institute 1994 (Gestalt Counselling).
He also teaches Meditation and Chi Kung.
Fully and professionally insured.

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